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LUMI LUX™ rate-reducing LOAN

Sometimes it’s good to lose interest.

With your business loan, that is. We’re losing interest – but you’re gaining better rates over your business loan term for loans $200K or more, when we both swipe right.

3 signs you're losing interest

Apply for the rate-reducing
Lumi Lux™ business loan

From $200K and loan terms up to 4 years.

We both swipe right

If we're compatible, funding is possible same day as approval.

Your loan interest decreases

25 basis points (0.25%) every 6 months with good behaviour up to a maximum of 2% (APR) drop.

What does it take for us to both swipe right?

Lasting relationships require honest communication. That's why you need to know the APR (annual percentage rate), not the simple interest rate. The Lumi Lux™ loan rates range from 14% to 20% – depending on years in business, annual revenue and other factors. The loan is secured against property. The establishment fee is 3.5% of the disbursed amount.

We’re interested in getting together and looking for businesses that match our profile, which includes:

I have a minimum of $2M in annual revenue
My business is at least 3 years old
My business is up to date with ATO payments and/or our payment plans
Graph showing interest rate reducing over time

What does good behaviour look like?

We reward good behaviour, so the Lumi Lux™ interest rate decreases by 25 basis points every 6 months as long as there are no loan repayment arrears, dishonours or loan contractual breaches.

Why Lumi Lux™?

We know that running a small business isn't easy, so we want to give you a break with business finance that rewards you for paying on time.

Given the uncertainty about interest rates, the Lumi Lux™ rate-reducing secured business loan gives you some certainty for funding over $200K.

After completing a simple application, we'll provide you with an accurate, fair and honest lending solution that's tailored to your needs.

If you’re looking for business finance under $200K, check out our small business loans and business lines of credit.

graph showing interest paid reducing over the duration of the loan

Here's how it works:

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Let's see if we are a match
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