Know a thing or two about small business finance? Or are you a Lumi customer who’d love to share your success story?

At Lumi, we’re always looking for people who can bring valuable perspectives and insights to our audience. We also love to exchange knowledge, and guest posts are a great way to deliver relevant news to our readers continuously. If you’re interested in contributing to our blog, and/or to get a post from Lumi to publish on your blog, please review our guidelines below.


  • Focus: We’re looking for posts that help our readers. Authors that can share their expertise on a problem or opportunity in business loans, marketing, sales, operations, and service. See below for some topic ideas for inspiration.
  • Length: Minimum of 1000 words.
  • Image Size: Keep images around 1200 x 850 pixels.
  • Headline: Here are some tips for an effective headline:
    • Try list-based titles (e.g. X guidelines, X things you need to know)
    • Try to put the keyword in the title
    • Stick to 10-13 words, or 60-90 characters
  • Rich Media: Posts generally get more engagement when it includes videos and charts.
  • High Humanity Score: We only accept articles written by real humans not machines, even if they are intelligent  😉

Submission Process

1. Submit Interest: Send an expression of interest to, you can share either an abstract or full draft of your article.

2. Editorial Review [1-2 weeks]: We will review your article based on the criteria and will respond within 1-2 weeks to say whether we will publish your article or not. The Lumi team reserves the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content and update it in the future.

3. Publication Date: Once edited, we’ll add your guest post to the publication queue and let you know when it will be published. We will notify you of the expected publication date.

4. Promote Article: We will promote your article on the Lumi blog and on our social media channels. We expect guest bloggers to promote their content on their own channels.

*Due to the volume of requests, we cannot respond to all submissions.

Submissions Should Include

  • Be well written, engaging, clear and helpful
  • Data or statistics should be cited with a hyperlink
  • Include a short bio (one or two sentences), profile image (optional) and one link back to either your website, social media channel or your blog
  • Include images as separate attachments

What We Won’t Accept

  • Content that’s already been covered on our blog
  • Too promotional for your company
  • Anything offensive or inaccurate
  • Content that has been published elsewhere
  • No irrelevant links or keyword-rich text accepted
  • No more than two backlinks to your site content in the body of the post

Topics We’re Looking to Cover

  • Improving cash flow management
  • Marketing ideas for small businesses
  • Guide to commercial lending for brokers
  • Boosting your credit score
  • Helpful business tools
  • Manage business loan repayments
  • Tips on surviving the first year in business
  • Business budgeting tips
  • How to use your small business loan
  • Building a small business network
  • EOFY & BAS time management tips

Thanks again for your interest in the Lumi blog and we look forward to hearing from you!