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With us, you're not a loan.
You're part(ner) of us.

Your business is our business.
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Why Lumi?

We help businesses flourish by providing fair, transparent, straightforward business funding where you and your clients are not required to jump through hoops, read between the lines and be concerned about what's the catch?

Align & Service

We align ourselves with your client management approach. We talk to your client if and when you ask us to pre-settlement. It is your client. Not ours.

Assess & Protect

We protect your client's credit score. We perform upfront serviceability assessments, giving conditional approval, rate and amount before making a credit file enquiry.

Unique & Tailored

We don't try and fit businesses into a box. Each business and business owner is unique. There's no such thing as a vanilla scenario; you know it, and so do we.

Speed & Ease

Your client receives the funds, which is all possible within hours. Running a business takes effort, but getting funding from Lumi doesn't.

Meet our BDM team

Our Aussie-wide BDM team have deep connections with the small business and broking community.
They are friendly, respected and have a luminous sense of responsibility towards their intermediary partners.

Meet the dedicated Broker Relationship Team

Our helpful Broker Relationship team members provide you and your clients with the service you deserve. Who wants to hear their call is important but still be required to waste their time waiting for their enquiry to be dealt with? We don't, and neither do you.
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