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Whether you are looking to establish relationships with new clients or generate more leads to your email subscriber list, there are a few strategies you can employ to improve your success rate. 

Below are five essential strategies to help grow your business. 


Understand your customers’ needs, motivations, pain points and find ways for your business to solve them. Whether that is through product offers, promotions or content etc. Think about ways you can further leverage the value your business brings by hosting a competition or starting a blog where you share thought leadership content that’s relevant to your customers on a regular basis. 

A great way to better understand your customers is to ask them for feedback via an online survey or encourage them to leave a review that you can add to your marketing collateral. 



There might be a lot of competition in the market but at the end it’s all about creating hype around your business. There are a few valuable incentives that can help you drive the urgency for customers to engage with your business about purchasing a product or signing up to your email list etc. 

For example you can feature “gated content” on your website, which is only accessible to customers who have provided relevant contact information. Another great strategy is to offer “bonus content” in exchange for your customers’ contact details. You can also use your blog as a lead magnet for this by providing teaser content while encouraging users to download a PDF with bonus content. To generate even more demand you can introduce a “waiting list” for potential customers to join or buy a certain product. After all, people tend to want what they can’t have. 



Position your business or yourself, as the representative of your business, as a thought leader in the field. To do this, partner with industry relevant publishers to get featured or partner with another business to cross promote your services and make sure that you attend important industry events to network. 

Last but not least, make sure that your business has a presence on social media as this is often the preferred way for people to communicate with companies. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase what your business has to offer and engage with relevant consumers. 



Firstly, make sure that your business’s website is optimised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which will make it easier for people to find you when they search online for businesses within your industry. Frequent content such as blog posts using key search terms can greatly improve your SEO. 

Once the consumer lands on your website, make it easy for them to understand what key actions they can take. Make relevant call-to-actions such as “sign up”, “book an appointment” or “order now” front and center.

To capture the user’s contact information, consider using an opt-in page on your homepage or  include a plugin, such as List Builder, on your site using a pop up that is triggered when a user is about to leave your site. 

Also, think about how you can integrate your different marketing channels to reach your customers more effectively. Whether it’s including a QR code on your marketing collateral for customers to sign up or by simply including a subscribe link to your email signature, all of your channels have to work together to maximise your results. 



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We hope you find this article helpful for your business. Please feel free to reach out to our team of small business loan experts to discuss growth opportunities for your company or client. 

Your Lumi team

Post Author: Vanessa Muller

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