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Do you own a business that stays active only at a particular time of the year? What do you do in the off-season? How do you ensure that when the peak season arrives, your sales will grow and your old customers will stay loyal to your offering?

Let us share some brilliant marketing ideas for your small business that will help you to meet all your goals without having to worry about seasonal slumps.

Add to Your Company’s Database

During the off-season, you can look into your list of past customers and those who had expressed interest in your business earlier. For the next season, you have to convert these leads into customers once again. To make this happen, your website must have plenty of call-to-actions so that people can stay in touch by subscribing to your blog or email list.

The call-to-action must be present not only on your website, but your company’s social profiles as well, so that you can grow your database eventually. You can offer loyalty points and discounts on the website to loyal customers so they feel encouraged to try out your services or products once more.

Deliver Awesome Content All-Year-Round

If you are producing remarkable content all throughout the year, then you can keep your audience and customers engaged with your offerings. Just because people cannot use your services and products right now, doesn’t mean they will not enjoy the interesting facts and information you share with them. In fact, you can market content with an off-season twist.

For instance, if you offer snowboarding activity to tourists during the winter, you can still catch the attention of enthusiasts in summer and other seasons with blog posts around ideas such as:

  • Snowboard Gear Preview: Be Prepared for Your Winter Adventure
  • Everything You Need to Know About Off-season Sales on Designer Snowboards

Share video tutorials, safety tips, and all necessary information you can with your audience so that they are hooked onto your services – even when they’re not participating in snowboarding.

Take Feedback From Customers

You must be asking your customers to provide feedback on your services and products. This activity must be continued during the off and peak seasons. The fresher the experience in a customer’s mind, the more detailed their feedback will be. You can then compile these testimonials and stories to share with people during the off-season.

You can request customers to send videos and pictures of their experiences to you, so you can build interesting content out of those to boost your marketing campaigns across different channels. These stories can make people nostalgic enough to crave your company’s offering during the coming season.

Ideas to Expand Your Business

Do you want to expand your business to another city or locality? Do you need to upscale production, need more staff on-board, or arrange more working capital? For all these operations, you may require additional funds, such as from a business loan or the help of investors or sponsors. Make sure you have a strong business plan and financial documents in place when approaching an investor or lender for funds.

The off-season is a great time to work on new business ideas and make a list of things to do or mistakes to avoid, as well as to make important decisions like business expansion. After obtaining finances and the necessary support, start marketing the new initiative before the peak season sets in so that customers are aware of the product/service and would want to experience it.

Be There on Social Media

It is important to stay in contact with past customers and leads throughout the year. So, why not make the most out of social media channels that are popular? Almost everyone today uses Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms where you can publish materials and enhance audience engagement.

You should have a strong social presence and use the above-mentioned platforms to introduce special discounts, share new content, run polls, contests, and create hype for the next season. Remember, people plan ahead for trips and purchases, so try and tap into a customer’s interest at the right time.

Get in Touch via Emails

What is convenient about email is that you can market your service and product without encroaching on the private time of customers. A person can check their emails at any time and take a look at what you want to say. It is not like a phone call, which has to be attended by the person to get more information.

Emails can serve as reminders to connect customers with your social media profile. It can be used to distribute offers, discounts, and check-in with the content on your website or elsewhere. Email marketing is a part of digital marketing, which is a fantastic way to connect with leads and establish their loyalty. It definitely helps to grow your audience during the off-season.

Create a Unique Identity Within the Industry

In order to set yourself apart from competitors, address a niche within the industry. For instance, if you own a bakery, then you can market gluten-free cakes and hope to capture that niche market. That does not mean you will market gluten-free cakes exclusively, but you can start sharing ideas about tricks of the trade.

You can share pictures of scrumptious gluten-free cakes on your website or social profiles and cater to the interest of people with special dietary needs. You can then begin emailing special offers for this new line of product and ask customers to sample these in the off-season.

The above-mentioned tips for marketing your business during the off-season will definitely help you in making the most of the months when you are still anticipating the peak season. Let us know if you have any more tips to share on this topic.

About the Author: Satchit Hasabnis is a Chartered Financial Analyst who has more than 10 years of experience in the industry.  He co-founded, which provides quick and easy loans like Personal loans, Small Cash Loans, Loans against Property, Business Loans, etc. to people of different economic backgrounds.

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