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Top Strategies For Businesses To Remain Competitive During Challenging Times

Top Strategies For Businesses To Remain Competitive During Challenging Times

Whether you own a successful business or aim to expand, industry challenges can hinder growth and affect your business strategy.

Companies worldwide compete with each other to stay ahead and take advantage of new opportunities. However, this can cause small businesses to lose their customer base and struggle to maintain a competitive edge.

Though competition within industry market segments is unavoidable, many strategies exist for businesses to remain competitive.

Understanding your competitors, optimising your marketing strategy, and staying updated with new technology to boost sales can lead to consistent, low-cost growth.

Know Your Competition

One of the most important strategies for businesses to remain competitive is to know their competitors.

New markets and older industries are full of companies focusing on shared target customers. You may want to research their marketing strategy and the difference between their services and yours.

Track their current market values and act like their customer to see how they tailor their products to a customer’s needs.

While researching your competitors, keep these questions in mind to try and help identify their strengths and weaknesses:

  • How popular are they with our shared target customers?
  • What marketing strategies are they using to gain more customers?
  • How are their sales compared to mine?
  • What strategies do they use that I could add to my marketing?
  • What trends do they follow to stay relatable with customers?

By keeping these questions in mind as you analyse your competitors, it may be easier to see how they market their services compared to yours.

Then, you can emulate their strategies in your business, giving you a competitive advantage without directly copying from competitors.

Stay Updated On Industry Trends

One of the most reliable strategies for businesses to remain competitive is to stay updated with the latest industry trends.

A company that doesn’t focus on adapting to a changing marketplace may have more trouble succeeding.

Many factors can cause industry trends to change. For example, economic changes may cause the prices of essentials to soar, leading customers to change their spending habits.

The use of automation tools by new businesses may lead to another business becoming obsolete.

There are many possible ways to stay updated with the latest changes within your industry and maintain a competitive edge:

  • Track all the latest local and global news updates on your business’s industry
  • Identify what other companies are investing in related to products and services, and see if your business can benefit from investing in it
  • Attend events, sessions, and seminars to learn how your competition aims to innovate their business strategy
  • Monitor your company’s performance and check if the costs align with profits
  • See how a current trend might cause your products to have a lower price
  • Look up customer reviews to see which services are attracting them
  • Review past customer feedback to see ways your service can improve and other business resources you may need to invest in
  • Stay focused on the possibility of the market changing and preparing ways to adapt

Thinking ahead while focusing on the present might help your company attract customers and deliver a service that aligns with what the market currently places high value on.

Expand Your Business

Though challenging times and other competing businesses may put you in a difficult position, it is also a new opportunity for business expansion.

Make an investment to try and move into a new market with more potential customers. While this market may be more competitive than your last one, maintaining a clear growth target and planning ahead could lead to further success.

Creating an expansion strategy can help you outline how your company will reach a wider audience.

The following are factors to consider when creating an expansion strategy:

  • New customer data (demographics, economic brackets)
  • Additional purchase costs for expansion (advertising, store expansion, hiring)
  • The price of building or expanding your team
  • Target costs after the expansion
  • How competitive the new market is to growing businesses
  • Ways to increase company value and market position after the expansion
  • Methods to improve services (adding a social media presence, lower prices for products, customer service)
  • Additional ways to pay new employees

Though expansion may not necessarily lead to instant success, picking the right team with high skills and cutting unnecessary costs may lead to a better market position.

Take Care Of Your Current Customers

Among all other strategies for businesses to remain competitive, taking care of your customers ranks highly.

Building relationships with your customers can help your business grow and thrive.

Taking care of your current customers means listening to their opinions on your business, the engagement strategies that brought them to your company first, and their economic situations.

Research your customer’s data, such as their purchasing habits and whether to stick with cheaper prices or if they can afford a higher cost.

Communicate openly with your customers and gain relevant feedback.

One way you can do this is by maintaining a strong social media presence and creating content that satisfies their feedback and maintains trust in your products and services.

The tip above is a low-cost strategy that can build further customer connections.

Build Relationships With Other Businesses And Industry Professionals

Networking is one of the oldest strategies for businesses to remain competitive, and its long-lasting relevancy lies in its effectiveness.

You can get advice from fellow business owners and create connections that can help both companies grow and succeed.

Social media influencers and brand collaborations are more potential ways to promote your business. Note that cross-promotion and partnering with influencers may have a hefty cost.

You gain access to a wider following, receive more visibility, and foster business connections.

Successful collaborations can lead to more revenue, and if challenges plague your business, these connections could help you get through them at little cost.

Try To Anticipate The Future

Innovation is unavoidable. Being ready for these changes might help your business.

For example, artificial intelligence has recently become one of the biggest game-changers in multiple industries, and a myriad of businesses have had to adapt to this new trend.

Many more changes similar to AI are bound to come, and anticipating the future helps you plan and adapt quickly.

Checking your competitors, training your employees on the latest technology, and staying ahead of new trends are potential strategies for businesses to remain competitive in the present and future.


Knowing your competition, staying updated on market changes and customer opinions, and expanding your business for the future are important strategies for businesses to remain competitive.

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